Monday, January 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Projects

Felt Heart Rosy~Posy
I have never decorated for Valentine's day before but this year being on my own and everything I can't wait. I am going to search the internet and find the cutest ones and make them. If any of you find anything cute, I would LOVE it if you commented with the link!

Valentines Day Pom Poms By Craftaholics Anonymous    

heart mobile Link

Heart Felt Pins Link
Felt Wool Hearts by Felt Sew Good


  1. Oooh I've been searching out there for V-Day Inspiration and posting material...these ideas get the ball rolling. LOVE the Pom Poms. Have you made any of these yet? Let me know if you do - I want to see! :)

  2. I have been looking for Valentine's day decorations to make as well. I made some pom poms but I just made mini one's. I posted the mini one's that I made. I am working on making felt hearts and fabric hearts I will post them when I have them done!

  3. I made some felt hearts and a Valentine's day project kids can make. I posted them for you to see

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I'm a follower. I love the little multicolored hearts!

  5. Your welcome! Thanks for following me. I know those are one of my favorites!


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