Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So I love to make doesn't matter what I use to make them lace, paper, felt... I just love making them. My favorites that I have made have been out of lace
Here is how I make them they are super easy! I love these because you can put these wherever you want! You can hot glue a magnet on them and make cute magnets, put a pin on the back and pin them on a sweater, your purse, scarf...wherever you want. Or you can glue them on a photo album like I did to embelish it use them as embelishments for scrapbooks or you can also hot glue a bobby pin to the back and wear them in your hair or attach them to a headband.


hot glue gun

1. First cut a circle out of can be any size you want, just depends on how big or small you want your flower to be

2. Next cut a strip of lace

3. Then wind the lace around the cardboard starting at the edge and working toward the middle hot gluing as you go.

4. The last step is to glue a button in the middle of the flower

504 MainPhotobucket


  1. I love these lace flowers, Kayla (not to mention the buttons). So cute!!!

  2. I am really loving all of these fabric flowers and love the lace flowers! Following you from Tipjunkie, come see me sometime.


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