Monday, January 10, 2011

My Life

I had such a great Christmas! It was very busy but I have had time to relax this week. We went to my husband's families first in Indiana and then we went to my parents. We surprised my dad this year and planned a trip for him to go with us to see his family in Colorado it was his Christmas gift and he was so surprised. My mom wrapped up hints for him and he was totally clueless as to what was going on. We had a fun time in Colorado we went to Estes park and got to see the Stanley hotel where the movie The Shining was filmed. We went shopping and went to an indoor Rec Center that had a waterpark like atmosphere it had been awhile since I had gone swimming so that was fun. It was so nice to see my dad's family, we don't get to see them too often. Then we went to my mom's family Christmas that was really great we always have so much fun. I love our traditions that we do we eat a ton of food then after a couple hours there is like 45 of us and we go out to the living room and we all have our own candles that are lit and we sing Christmas songs, then my grandpa reads the Christmas story. Next any of the cousins who want to perform a talent and then we open gifts. All of the kids under 18 get gifts and the rest are to whoever ends up getting gifts. My family does homemade gifts and the best part is the Santa gifts these are gag gifts and what people come up with to give is hilarious.


  1. Are you from Indiana, or just your husband? Cool! I am originally from Indiana (St. John) but almost to Chicago. We live in Hawaii now, but only cuz my husband is military and is stationed here.

  2. Just my husband is from Indiana around the Terre Haute area. I think I have heard of St. John. We are actually living in Illinois, which is where I am from. We are going to school and then I don't know where we will end up. That is awesome that you live in Hawaii I would love to live there or at least visit!

  3. I went to college in Terre Haute! Small world! :)


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